Luxators Set of 10 Pieces (Multi Colour Handles)

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Smile's Dental Luxators (Set of 10 Pieces With Multi Colour Handles)

SSI 786-4531-1 Straight 1.5mm    SSI 786-4531-6 Curved 1.5mm
SSI 786-4531-2 Straight 2mm       SSI 786-4531-7 Curved 2mm
SSI 786-4531-3 Straight 3mm       SSI 786-4531-8 Curved 3mm
SSI 786-4531-4 Straight 4mm       SSI 786-4531-9 Curved 4mm
SSI 786-4531-5 Straight 5mm        SSI 786-4531-10 Curved 5mm

These instruments are specially designed periodontal ligament knives with a sharp fine tapered straight & curved blades that compresses the alveolar, cuts the membrane and gently eases the tooth from its socket by reducing damage to the surrounding tissue and keeping a better anatomy for an implant site
Manufactured With Premium Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel That Is Highly Resistant To Corrosion
This Is Reusable And CE Certified Instrument
Autoclave Sterlisation

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