Luxators Set of 10 Pieces (White Colour Handles)

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Smile's Dental Luxators (Set Of 10 Pieces With White Colour Handles)

SSI 786-4530-1 Straight 1.5mm    SSI 786-4530-6 Curved 1.5mm
SSI 786-4530-2 Straight 2mm       SSI 786-4530-7 Curved 2mm
SSI 786-4530-3 Straight 3mm       SSI 786-4530-8 Curved 3mm
SSI 786-4530-4 Straight 4mm       SSI 786-4530-9 Curved 4mm
SSI 786-4530-5 Straight 5mm        SSI 786-4530-10 Curved 5mm

These instruments are specially designed periodontal ligament knives with a sharp fine tapered straight and curved blades that compresses the alveolar, cuts the membrane and gently eases the tooth from its socket by reducing damage to the surrounding tissue and keeping a better anatomy for an implant site
Manufactured With Premium Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel That Is Highly Resistant To Corrosion
This Is Reusable And CE Certified Instrument
Autoclave Sterlisation

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